Biography for Moira Goodall (tbc)

Although Moira has always loved and collected ceramics she didn’t begin to work with clay until quite late in life after a career in creative marketing. She was introduced to pottery by a local potter, Kate Radford, who encouraged her to ‘have a go’.

Moira soon became hooked and went on to study 3D craft and design at college where she came upon and became absorbed by the art of smoke firing, which has formed a key element in her work ever since.

Moira has  exhibited in many galleries in Essex and Suffolk, in particular forging a fond relationship with us at Hayletts Gallery , where she has exhibited for many years. Sally Patrick, director of Hayletts Gallery has a number of her ceramics in her own personal collection

In 2007 Moira was made a Selected Member of Anglian Potters, one of the largest associations of ceramic artists in Britain.